Remote DBA

Your Database.

It drives your business. It informs your business. It is your business.

At Nugravity, we understand this, which is why we work with you to provide a Managed Services solution that works for your business.    




Controlled Costs

We help you stabilize & reduce costs so you can focus on your business

Value Added

Our skilled professionals help you save time and increase your productivity

Security Focused

We employ the latest standards to secure & protect your databases.

24x7 Protection

We monitor all your systems comprehensively, so you don't have to.

Oracle Remote DBA

Return On Investment

Imagine paying less and getting more. Sound like a dream? Let us make it your reality.

By adding dedicated and qualified resources to your team in a Managed Service capacity at a fixed monthly rate, we help you reduce & control costs while stabilizing your database environment. No more expensive training or overpaying for resources that you can’t afford to lose. We design a scalable plan that fits your needs and your budget, giving you the ultimate return on your investment, peace of mind.

Customer Service

Each customer is unique. For this reason, we tailor our services to suit your needs and requirements.

Our Solution Architects work with you to establish an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that makes sense for your business. We track and account for every task we attend to in fifteen minute increments and never hide behind ambiguous terms when communicating our activities to you. When we connect to (and interact with) your environment, we use the same communication standards that your team does, making the migration of services to Nugravity seamless.

Database Managed Services
Oracle Remote DBA


We believe that in order to provide you with a solution that is both effective and relevant, our professionals must follow suit.

Each member of our DBA staff has over fifteen years of production-level, real-world experience – no exceptions. We support Oracle (including Exadata, Super Cluster & OVCA), MySQL, TimesTen, Postgres, MS SQLServer and MongDB. Our DBAs are also proficient with Oracle GoldenGate product, making our service truly robust. We fully leverage every aspect of our experience to provide you the most comprehensive service and monitoring tools available.


Trusting someone with your data can be a stressful decision. Rest assured your data is in good hands!

When you are looking for a service provider to care for your data, you will often ask, “Do they have the skillset we need?”, or “Are their monitoring tools robust enough?” We suggest also asking, “Will I know my DBA by name?” We focus on establishing a positive and personal relationship with each customer. If you have a question, you can call us on the phone or send us an email. We will provide you with on-time reports & communication, as well as, an online customer portal to see how your system is performing all included in the cost.

Managed Service Benefits

  • Peace of Mind

    Peace of mind comes with knowing that you have made the right decision. By selecting a Managed Services partner with top skillsets and the most relevant Real-World experience, you can rest assured that your database is in good hands.

  • Cost Reduction

    Reduce and stabilize your HR overhead by eliminating redundant positions & bad hires, training costs, and resource retention problems. The right Managed Services partner will not only reduce your TCO, but bring stability to your IT department and your budget.

  • Freedom

    By engaging in a Managed Services contract for your database environment, the responsibility of your databases’ availability, security and performance becomes the service provider’s responsibility. A good Managed Services partner frees you from the day to day grind of managing your database environment.

  • Price Certainty

    The foundation of a Managed Service agreement is the commitment of the supplier to deliver an outcome for a set price. There are no hidden fees. No overages.

  • Transparency

    Transparency means no hiding. A good Managed Service provider will track and account for every task they attend to and never hide behind ambiguous reports when communicating outcomes to you. As trust is based on respect, transparency includes integrity of intent.

  • Performance

    Database performance should never be an oversight. A good Managed Services partner will treat performance as a Functional Requirement, and guarantee that your database is running optimally. Constant performance monitoring and improvement is key component to any Managed Services SLA.

  • Productivity

    Productivity is a function of skill and time. If your key resources are constantly managing your databases, chances are nothing else is getting done. By appointing a good Managed Services partner to care for your databases, you can free up your key resources for the work they should be attending to. Some Managed Services providers also provide services to help you manage and deliver projects. These services behave like fixed price contracts and are also helpful in increasing your productivity.

  • Insight

    Informed decisions play a critical role in the success of your business, and it’s no different when it comes to your database and infrastructure. Part of a Managed Service Partner’s fiduciary responsibility is to give you complete insight into what’s happening in your environment, keeping you informed and up to date on security standards, problems, and potential pitfalls. This is accomplished through meaningful and timely communication, including correct identification of problems & risks and adherence to an appropriate escalation path.

  • Flexibility

    Your infrastructure seems to be changing daily. Quarterly database patches, yearly database upgrades, replications products like Oracle GoldenGate, there seems to be a new project every day. A good Managed Services Partner ensures that you can deliver technology to your business, making you as flexible as you need to be.


Our Managed Services packages let you build a customized plan to care for your database environment.

PulseDBA™ delivers comprehensive 24x7 monitoring for your database and server. We provide you with a complete monthly performance report as well as a quarterly software & security audit. The Pulse DBA package is ideal for any single-instance database.

EdgeDBA™ includes the benefits of PulseDBA™ and gives you added flexibility to monitor clustered databases and Oracle GoldenGate instances. Clustered databases include Oracle RAC, Exadata & SuperCluster, MySQL Cluster, Microsoft SQL Server Failover Cluster, MongoDB Sharded Cluster & IBM DB2 High Availability. An Oracle GoldenGate Instance is considered to be one (1) Source and (1) Target application.

Our ProDBA™ professional DBA & PM packages give you the unique ability to complete complex projects under a Managed Services contract.

This package is ideal for customers that need database projects completed, but do not have in-house expertise to deliver them. Our Solution Architects work with you to design a solution and define the outcome of the project. Once the outcome is established, the timeline and cost are negotiated, and the outcome is guaranteed.

For situations that demand emergency database assistance, our RedAlertDBA™ package is available.

Our Red Alert team is ready and prepared to assist you with database recovery and DR scenarios, logical and block-level corruption, severe performance problems and even irrecoverable databases.
A certified DBA will be available within fifteen minutes of verifying your account (or payment information if you do not have an account with us).

  • 24x7 Pulse Monitoring
  • Business Hours Support
  • Ideal for Non-Production Systems
  • Cost-Saver Advantage
  • 24x7 Pulse Monitoring
  • 24x7 Support Availability
  • PerformancePlus™
  • Multi-Database Discount
Oracle EdgeDBA
  • PulseDBA™
  • AuditPlus™
  • Cluster Support
  • Support for Oracle GoldenGate
  • Multi-Database Discount
Oracle Exadata & GoldenGate
  • Project-Based Statement of Work
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Fixed-Price
  • Project Manager Upon Request
Oracle Emergency Support
  • Emergency DBA Support
  • Remote DBA Expert
  • Guaranteed Results
  • On-call 24x7
Oracle Database Microsoft SQLServer Oracle TimesTen Database
MySQL Database Oracle GoldenGate Sybase ASE & IQ Database
IBM DB2 Database Postgres Database
Apache Cassandra Database MongoDB Database


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The Managed Services team at Nugravity is a lifesaver!
As a SMB, it wasn’t practical to pay high salaries for resources that would leave the minute they got a better offer. We found ourselves spending too much time and money focusing on our technology needs and not our core business. Nugravity Managed Services allowed us to completely eliminate the need for our DBA and System Admin resources. Our systems are stable, secure and always available. I can sleep at night knowing my database is in good hands! .

Advantage Appraisal Service

Not only did the team at Nugravity help us design, create and implement our debut financial application, they help us keep it up and running 24x7. They sent us one resource for the implementation, but we felt like we had the support of an entire team. Their attitude and knowledge helped us make this project a great success! They are my one stop shop for IT Professional and Managed Services.


Jeff came in to our environment, and provided us with a fantastic solution, despite the complications presented by our unique situation. He had never seen an environment like what we had in store for him, but never allowed that to be a problem. He was a fantastic asset to our project.

US Bank