Exadata Database Machine X5

Exadata X5

Exadata News Update – Following up on a blog post we reviewed last February (see link below), we want to know what you think of the new X5 now.

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Oracle Exadata Database Machine is a combined compute and storage system optimized for running Oracle Database software. Exadata debuted in 2008 as the first in Oracle’s family of “Engineered Systems”, defined as “hardware and software engineered to work together”. New generations of Exadata are released roughly once a year.

Exadata combines scale-out compute servers, scale-out storage servers, InfiniBand networking and specialized software, packaged in one or more hardware racks, with various sizing options. Compute servers use Intel Xeon processors and the Oracle Linux operating system to run Oracle Database software. The storage servers perform block storage functions and also run Storage Server Software to offload data intensive database processing into storage, closest to the data.

It is Oracle’s claim that optimizing the entire compute/storage/networking infrastructure for the Oracle Database allows it to become the best possible database server platform and that pre-integrating all the software and hardware simplifies configuration, management, and troubleshooting for customers. Critics of Exadata point out that this limits it to running Oracle Databases, and it cannot be used as a general-purpose server. Industry analysts at IDC classify it as an “Integrated Platform” with Oracle Engineered Systems having over 50% market share as of March, 2015. Analysts at Gartner place Oracle Engineered Systems in the leaders quadrant of their “Integrated Systems Magic Quadrant” report for 2014, giving Oracle the top vendor ranking for “Integrated Stack Systems”.

As of October 2015, Engineered Systems are also available in the Oracle Public Cloud as a subscription service – the Oracle Cloud Service, also known simply as the Exadata Service. Databases deployed in this Service include all the features and options of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Similarly, all Exadata features and capabilities are included in this Service. Oracle databases in this service are 100% compatible with databases deployed on-premises, which enables customers to transition to the Cloud with no application changes. The infrastructure for this service – such as the hardware, network, platform software and Exadata software, is managed by Oracle, while customers have complete ownership of their databases. Customers can do all necessary provisioning through the Oracle Cloud portal, with cloud-based automation tools available for backups, patching, expansion, etc.

Oracle Exadata X5

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